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Expert previews and predictions for todays cricket matches

Expert Match Previews & Predictions

Our team of cricket experts has over 20+ years of cricket match analysis on all forms of the game including ODI, Test and T20 matches. We have combined this knowledge and experience and created a prediction algorithm using the latest AI technologies based on previous match batting and bowling statistics to help provide insight into the outcome of upcoming matches.

We share this analysis with our audience for free to help enhance the fan experience when watching the game. This will also ensure you are well equipped to argue with your friends the likely winner of all upcoming games.

Why Trust the Team at Cricket Baazigar

Expert Team

Over 20+ years of sports data analysis including experts from the cricket powerhouse nations of India, UK and Australia.

Data Driven Stats

We use the latest AI technology to help sort through previous match statistics to provide accurate match predictions & tips.

Passionate Cricket Fans

Ultimately we are passionate followers and fanatics of the game and wish to share our experience and skills with other cricket fans!

What Cricket Games Do We Cover?

Todays Free Match Predictions:

We cover most major cricket match tournaments from around the globe including IPL, T20 World Cup, Big Bash, The Ashes along with other Test Match and ODI games throughout the year.

Upcoming Tournaments:

Our experts will be covering the following upcoming tournaments:

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Get our predictions for all cricket matches in this years T20 World 2022.

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